Machining/Assembly SPM’s


Chamfering as per requirement
Consistent results with depth control
Simplified and Fast Production without skilled manpower
Specially designed Precision drilling Heads
Motorized Indexing Table Arrangement
Offline loading to minimize cycle time
Specially Designed Chamfering Tool
Replaceable Type Hardened Cutting Tips
Desired Surface finish at Chamfering areas
PLC & HMI Controlled Panel
Operator Pendants for Clamping/De-clamping


Customized designed SPM for Assembly
High Speed Application for higher production
Special Type for Pneumatic equipment’s
Enclosed Machine setup with extrusion frame
Linear / Bowl feeder arrangements
With/Without Indexing Table Arrangement
Auto orientation of components
Specially coated machine elements
High Grade PLC & HMI Control Panel
Optimal Logic Programming with interlocks
Safety features with operator less operation


Precise with close tolerance Reaming Application
MS Fabricated, & Machined Base Structure
Specially Designed Precision Drilling & Reaming Head
Hydraulic Power pack arrangement
Hardened and Blackodised Resting Mylers
Hardened and Blackodised Clamping Mylers
PLC Panel With Tower Lamp
Hydraulic Clamping Arrangement
Operator Pendants for Clamping/De-clamping
Complete Ducting & Routing